Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie 2017/04


  • The attractiveness of mining investments in Poland and their impact on the development of regions
    The mining industry is one of the modern and dynamically developing sectors of the Polish economy. The attractiveness of investments is of great importance for the development of technical and technological progress of the mining industry. The article contains the results of surveys conducted among various target groups (entrepreneurs, administration, science, NGOs) in the assessment of barriers and benefits decisive for the development of mining investments.
    They show that a great investment advantage for the Polish mining sector is good technological conditions and infrastructure, as well as highly qualified and competent staff, and the possibility of using subsidies from EU funds. However, barriers are primarily taxes and procedures related to obtaining an administrative decision in the investment process and changing legal regulations.
  • Research on the demonstrator of a modular rescue capsule for a hard coal mine (Announcement)
    Evacuation from the scene of the accident, especially in hard coal mines, is one of the most critical moments of rescue operations. The condition of mining excavations, considerable distance from shafts, long corridors, dustiness, high temperature and additional difficulties make it impossible to transport wounded quickly. Moving them in unfavorable conditions without special protection exposes them to additional injuries and reduces their chances of recovery. With the above in mind, functional and technical assumptions have been developed based on which the "Technology Demonstrator" of the modular emergency capsule was built. The paper presents individual elements of the "Technology Demonstrator" and an assessment of their functionality as a result of simulation research carried out on the premises of a hard coal mine.
  • Protection of building objects in planning hard coal mining under urbanized area
    The article discusses the problems of planning and mining exploitation under urban areas. He discusses the sequence of activities in the area of surface protection and the participation of mining supervision authorities in the process of planning mining exploitation in the field of surface protection. It presents the method of supervision and security of building objects covered by the exploitation proceeds on the example of the church of St. St. Krzyża in the Miechowice district and a compact multifamily building in the Karb borough of the city of Bytom.
  • Mineral waters, sulfur and gypsum and limestone deposits in the former mining area of the "Anna" mine