Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie 2017/05

  • Ensuring general safety on the example of removing the depression in the Świerklany commune
    In October 2015, a hollow in the form of a funnel with a diameter of approx. 12 m and a depth of 7 m was created in Jankowice. Recognition of the OUG in Rybnik showed that the area of the hollow is outside the impact of mining operations, and the operation that may cause deformations in this area was carried out until 1992 r. The findings made have not allowed to clearly state the reason for the creation of the hollow.
    The hollow was covered with aggregate made of gangue. In September 2016, the hollow activated again. The geological surveys of the Carpathian Branch of PGI-NRI also did not indicate the direct cause of the depression. It was recommended to exclude from the development of the terrain where the hollow occurred, as well as the need to prepare geological engineering documentation and to prepare a construction project based on it - in the case of planned foundations of buildings or structures in the area of depression. The sinkhole was filled again, and the area was covered by geodetic observations. Finally, in cooperation with the Świerklany Commune Office, the Poviat Starosty in Rybnik, the management of the KWK "Jankowice" coal mine and the OUG in Rybnik, the threats were immediately eliminated by filling the hollow with mining waste.
  • The new ATEX directive - instructions for the user
    The article presents basic information about the new ATEX directive (2014/34 / EU), which may be useful for users of explosion-proof products in mining (group I devices). Several specific cases are discussed (electric motor, mechanical transmission, fire extinguisher, door, tank, ladder, paint, extension cable drum and manual hoist). The forthcoming changes in standardization have also been indicated, in particular work on a European standard concerning electrical installations in underground mines.
  • Liquidation and reclamation of a mining plant in line with social interest
    Obtaining minerals by opencast method and their processing is a far-reaching interference in the environment. The leftover post-mining areas are reclaimed in various ways. By accepting the local community as potential beneficiaries of the reclamation of these rhenises, issues related to reclamation were included in the article through the prism of social determinants. Due to the complexity of processes and phenomena occurring during the liquidation, reclamation and development of post-mining areas, legal and practical dependencies occurring during their implementation are presented. The article is an example of a broadly understood reclamation in the social interest in the Skawce mining plant.
  • Resublimated heat pump - principle of operation and application (Announcement)
    The article presents the principle of the heat pump's resublimation. The installation of central heating of office rooms supplied with this pump in the Center of Measurements and Automation at PW S.A. in Zabrze and presented the possibilities of using waste heat from the ventilation air of the mine.