Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie 2017/07

  • A case study of the occurrence of a hollow in the mining area
    The article presents a case study on the creation of a hollow over a shallow canal work. Selected methods for predicting the occurrence of shingles were used for analyzes, making "ex post" calculations. The results of the calculations allowed us to state that, according to all the methods used, the creation of the hollow was established. Of course, in the case of a shallow location of undisturbed corridor excavations, the degree of danger of the area with the pitfalls is high, however, using the calculation methods used, it can be determined if in the case of loss of borehole stability there is a certainty of discontinuous deformation.
  • Possibilities of development of natural and post-mining underground of the "Góra Miedzianka" reserve for geotouristic purposes
    For tourists who are interested in mining, geology and archeology, one of the most interesting Polish regions are the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. In the past, intensive, underground exploitation of ore was carried out, among others in a distance of about 10 km from Chęciny, Mount Miedzianka. Currently, traces of old ore mining can be found on its slopes. Some of them, in the form of adits and corridors, after proper development and adaptation to tourist traffic, can be an interesting proposition for people visiting the Świętokrzyskie province.
  • Modeling of incomplete reduction traps
    The article presents three methods of modeling incomplete low-pressure pits in the asymptotic state on the example of observations from three measurement lines over coal mining. The average values ​​of area decreases after exploitation of one (small field of exploitation) and three coal walls (large field of exploitation) were calculated, and then they were compared with the results of prognostic calculations. The influence of the geometrical and operator type of operating margins was analyzed as a parameter of the modified Knothe theory. The last method, so-called method of substitute parameters ae and tgβe, allows for changing their value depending on the development of the field of exploitation. In addition, a method for determining the value of the proportionality coefficient of ae decreases was proposed depending on the depth and size of exploitation. Regardless of the method used, the results of modeling the depressions of the terrain surface show high compliance with the measurement results.
  • Legal and technical aspects of surface geochemical research in oil and gas mining (Announcement)
    The article presents threats resulting from the exhalation and migration of methane, related to the exploration, exploitation and storage of hydrocarbons. The advantages of using a surface gas image as a universal tool, applicable in oil and gas mining have been presented. In addition, the legal bases regulating its implementation were indicated.
  • Distribution and management of curative and thermal waters as well as brines in Poland (Announcement)
    The communication includes a brief discussion of the legal grounds for the exploitation of curative and thermal waters, brines, distribution of mineral deposits in Poland, ways of using minerals and operations of the State Mining Authority in the field of deposit control in the treatment of curative and thermal waters and brine in 2011-2016.
  • Problems and specific conditions of electrification of underground mines in the second half of the 20th century