Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie 2017/10

  • Qualifications of management and supervision of open-cast mine operations
    The article presents the requirements, preparation and professional experience of people who are entrusted with the activities of the traffic manager and traffic supervision, against the background of the functions, technical and organizational structure of opencast mining plants. It also discusses the procedure for determining the qualifications in question and the importance of persons holding them for the mining plant operations.
  • Execution of inlet to shaft V JSW S.A. KWK "Pniówek" using climbing techniques
    The article presents the solution of making the inlet to the V shaft at 930 m in JSW S.A KWK "Pniówek". The inlet was made from the level side by its clumping towards the shaft. The protection of the internal housing of the shaft and the housing of the cross-cut before the inlet and the inlet was discussed. For this purpose, the pre-reinforcement of rocks around the shaft, stepwise work towards the shaft with the reduction of the inlet cross-section at the connection point, the use of a closed support housing reinforced with anchoring and sprayed concrete. Safety works on the shaft side, due to the lack of shaft hoist, were carried out with two shaft hoists and a specialized high-altitude rescue team using climbing techniques.
  • Review of technologies for obtaining methane from liquidated GZW mines
    The article discusses models of obtaining methane from liquidated coal mines and presents Polish experience in this area against the background of characteristics of changes in reservoir properties of carbonaceous formations as a result of hard coal mining.
  • Memory of the Silesian "staroska", meaning a few words about Dorota Szatters' poems