Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie 2017/11

  • Chiropterofauna protection in the vicinity of "Czatkowice" Mine
    The article presents the specific location of the Limestone Mine "Czatkowice" sp. O.o. towards protected areas, including Natura 2000 established for the protection of habitats and species of bats. Preventive actions have been described, which were performed before the limestone exploitation in the area of the new concession, as well as those taken up-to-date to protect the chiropterofauna. The results of monitoring the size of bat populations were compared to capture the possible impact of open-cast mining on it. The results of additional, than required, monitoring examinations carried out at the early stage of investment implementation are presented.
  • Safety in technological wheeled transport in opencast mining plants on the example of the "Leszcze" Gypsum Coal Plant.
    This article is a summary of ant knowledge. technological safety of wheeled transport. It takes into account the regulations and documents governing the work of technological vehicles used in this area. Lists the factors and actions affecting their safety, the most important of which are: technical condition of technological vehicles, methods of carrying out its inspections and technical inspections, maintenance activities, etc. It addresses issues related to the qualifications of drivers. Describes the hazards and ways to protect them from the position of driver of technological vehicles.
  • Protection and management of strategic hard coal resources - another perspective (Polemical article)
    Coal, as a mineral, in accordance with our law has been included in the strategic resources, that is of significant importance, the most important. Do these features still describe coal as a strategic resource? It is high time to consider his current position and give him a new role and a new dimension.
  • The influence of mining traditions on the formation of some forms of the Miners' Day celebrations