AURA Ochrona Środowiska 2018/07

  • The best available technique
    If you ask about sensible rules for the implementation of environmental protection, many people will point to the necessity of using such a technique that will allow for the best solution to the problem. If someone can effectively eliminate the emission of some pollution, then one must demand that this technique should also be used by another one. The rules of such proceedings provide, on the one hand, incentives for innovators, and on the other, they force all others to - by buying appropriate patents - participate financially in the creation of inventions that are necessary for environmental protection.
  • Mysterious life of mushrooms
    Living close to nature seems obvious and understandable. However, according to psychologists and psychiatrists, the new generation is more connected to the digital world and it is through it that it learns nature. This phenomenon is called the nature deficit syndrome. Ignorance of forms, processes and phenomena of the natural environment, alienation and alienation of nature causes that it is not perceived as a value that should be respected and protected.
  • Our health is at stake
    The Medical University of Gdańsk in cooperation with the Polish Public Health Society and the European Public Health Alliance, a conference in Warsaw, launched a campaign for healthy air in Poland. In the campaign - as the coordinator of the "Healthy Air" project informed, the preparation and publication of the report "On the way to healthy air in Poland. A proposal for the evolution of departure from diesel engine technology. " The publication of the report is planned by the end of September this year. The main topics to be covered in the report are already known - including a systematic review of air pollution research, which is a health risk factor.
  • Fairy tales in green shorts
    The nature around us, seen through the eyes of a child, is a mysterious, unknown world that may even seem threatening. That's why it's so important to get to know, understand and tame it. Learning through respect for nature helps not only to strengthen ties with the environment, but also makes us aware of the diversity and unity of the world. The book in question answers children's most frequently asked questions about the natural world.
  • Biogas from sewage treatment plants
    By September 30, 2017, there were 108 biogas plants in sewage treatment plants in our country. Biogas is most often burnt in cogeneration aggregates. The electricity and heat generated in this way is most often used in technological processes of wastewater treatment plants.

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