AURA Ochrona Środowiska 2018/06

  • Crumb on the seam
    An article prepared by Olgierd Wieczorek
  • Biodiversity
    Biodiversity is a concept with a multianational dimension, which until recently was defined in many literatures by many different definitions and functioned as "species diversity", "species richness - floristic" and "even distribution of species". Currently, the term has been unified, but it is still a concept so complex and universal that it covers many issues related to environmental protection in terms of its levels and areas of occurrence.
  • Financing national parks in Poland in 2012-2015
    In financing national parks, as public goods, the central budget should play the main role. It seems justified - or indeed obvious - but in practice it creates many problems, which is the subject of the article.
  • New methods for removing bisphenol A from water and wastewater
    In surface waters, anthropogenic substances are increasingly identified. These include micro-pollutants, most of which include compounds that potentially threaten living organisms or pose a serious health risk to them. This group distinguishes, among others active substances hormonally.
  • Krakow is the leader of electromobility
    Krakow residents now have at their disposal 26 electric-powered buses. And that's not the end of the shopping of Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjny in Kraków, which is planning to order 161 electric buses as part of the government's e-Bus program.