AURA Ochrona Środowiska 2018/01

  • Order of the Tribunal of 20 November 2017 on the application of provisional measures to protect nature in the Białowieża Forest, C-441/17.
  • By virtue of a decision of 27 July 2017, the Vice-President of the Tribunal temporarily accepted the European Commission's request to order Poland to cease active forest management activities in the Białowieża Forest (this was mentioned in one of the last AURY numbers).
  • We are going to the waters
    In Krynica-Zdrój, the nineteenth-century doctor Józef Dietl has a monument, a street and a hospital of his name. That's a lot and little, for his name and surname should be in large gold letters written in the middle of the Boardwalk or on each ankle.
  • Krynica in the Galician Carpathians is located ...
  • Four hundred and seventy years! Age for man unattainable, and for humanity, nation, country, agglomeration? It would be a truism to proclaim that each autonomous administrative unit has its own beginning and some uniqueness of existence, and later - to shape a new collective existence.
  • Do ecosystems provide services?
    The question is sometimes jokingly understood. Nobody, really, would tax the oxygen produced by trees during photosynthesis, nor would it tax the view provided by migrating storks.
  • Life is everywhere
    Who lives in the leaves? Green leaves are an important source of food for very different animals: from gorilla to caterpillars. Most animals eat the leaves "from the outside", but some are so small that they can eat from the inside. The corridor, the so-called mine, bitten in a leaf, looks like a bright, zigzag line under the sun.