ATEST - ochrona pracy (Certificate - work protection) 2021/09

  • Changes in occupational diseases
    on July 15 this year. two amendments to the provisions on occupational diseases entered into force: Reg . RM of June 23 this year. amending the ordinance on occupational diseases (Journal . U . pos. 1287) - the " ChoZaw "; Reg . Ministry of Health of June 24 this year. amending the Regulation on the method of documenting occupational diseases and the effects of these diseases (Dz . U . pos. 1288) - the " DokChoZaw ." The reason for introducing the changes was both the analysis of the functioning of the system for adjudication of occupational diseases and the state of the epidemic, and the purpose of these amendments was to accelerate and improve the certification process.
  • A thick layer of icing
    The Labor Protection Council in the position adopted on August 26 this year. gave a positive opinion on the "Report on the activities of the National Labor Inspectorate in 2020" and recommended to the Sejm its adoption. Rather, it did not surprise anyone. More - few paid attention to it. Is it because the activity of PIP is not important? No, not because it is still very important in our economy.
  • Discussion of conferences on the impact of COVID-19 on OSH
    Currently, when on a global scale there are discussions about when and to what extent the world will have to deal with the next wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems obvious that the emergence of the widespread threat in the form of the SARS-CoV- virus 2, should also be taken into account in all types of activities aimed at ensuring safe and hygienic working conditions for the persons performing it.
  • Comments on the quality of education
    The subject of the article is the quality of education at Polish universities, especially technical universities. So it would be good to start with adding a definition of the quality of education to the Platonic definition of quality ("Quality is a certain degree of perfection"). Unfortunately, it cannot be added because there is no clear definition, although there are numerous attempts to formulate it. In a review, based on 58 references, it was simply stated that there is no consensus among specialists as to how to understand the quality of education.
  • Referral for high-altitude tests after the change in regulations
    As of December 16, 2020, the appendix to BadaLekR1, containing methodological guidelines for conducting preventive examinations of employees, has been thoroughly changed. In this study, we will look at one of the changes that have been made to the guidelines for preventive examinations when working at height.
  • Safety and comfort of work in a glass processing plant
    Glass, thanks to its properties, is one of the most commonly used materials in many different sectors of the economy. Glass is mainly used in the form of window panes. It is also used as a building, electrical, optical, laboratory and packaging material. And of course, last but not least , as household items, ranging from utility glasses, plates or stemware to decorative crystal glass.
  • Warehouseman - warehouse worker (part 6)
    "Occupational health and safety lessons" are publications not only for school use - due to the extensive identification of hazards and descriptions of the work performed, they constitute auxiliary material for occupational risk assessment. We continue the publication of a lesson on the work of a warehouse worker; previous parts were released in the following issues: 2, 3, 11/2020, 2 and 4/2021.
  • Election of the new authorities of the Krakow branch of OSPSBHP - term of office 2021-2025
    On Tuesday, June 29, 2021, a general reporting and election meeting of the branch of the Polish Association of Workers of the Health and Safety Service in Krakow was held. The meeting was organized during a pandemic, which required meeting many sanitary requirements.
    We invite you to the 25th edition of the GOLDEN BRACES competition. The ATEST award statuette belongs to 75 people, including OSH specialists, lecturers, academics and authors of the best articles published in our monthly, as well as the best diploma theses. This year, two more people can join this noble group. Therefore, we kindly ask you to propose candidates.
  • Crushing with the trailer's flap
    The accident occurred during the production of semi-trailers. The employee performed typical activities related to finishing the interior of a semi-trailer used for transporting loose materials. For undetermined reasons (no direct witnesses, no monitoring record, no memory gaps of the victim), the rear hatch, previously secured with a metal support, fell down (photo 1). The victim's head was pressed against the side of the trailer by the hatch. The man was seriously injured, including paralysis of his arms and legs.
  • New OHS and labor law
    regulations Review of legal provisions in the Journal of Laws and the Polish Monitor in 2021.
  • The A + A 2021 fair in Düsseldorf
    The health and safety industry has long been waiting for the opportunity to meet at such a large international event as the A + A fair. From 26 to 29 October 2021, over 1,000 companies will present their products, solutions and innovations there, mainly to visitors from Europe. And all this on a total area of approx. 50,000 m. 19 exhibitors from Poland will also appear at the fair.
  • Healthy Workplaces 2018-2019 Good Practice Awards Lesson 139
    Below is a study of BAM Ireland's best practices awarded in the Healthy Workplaces 2018-2019 campaign, which aimed to raise awareness about hazardous substances in the workplace, the risks associated with them and ways to prevent damage to employees. The award encouraged the exchange of knowledge and rewarded innovative examples of hazardous substance management. The campaign promoted a hierarchy of preventive actions and focused on particularly vulnerable groups of workers. In addition, as part of EU-OSHA's ongoing commitment to the Carcinogens Action Plan, it also addressed the management of workplace exposure to cancer-causing substances. It also raised awareness of relevant EU legislation and provided companies with practical guidance on compliance.
  • Nordea Safety Week
    This year, due to the ongoing epidemic threat and the limited possibility of stationary meetings, office work has moved into the online world. How does occupational health and safety fit in under these new conditions? Nordea's safety team successfully organized the Online Safety Week in June.
  • Voices from Poland
    Interview with Paweł Kania, the newly elected President of the Board of the National Branch of the Association of Workers of the Health and Safety Service in Krakow
  • Conference "Lumberjack - profession of the future"
    On October 7-8, 2021, in Rogów near Łódź, the conference "Lumberjack - profession of the future" will be held. The aim of the event is to analyze the situation related to the profession of a lumberjack-saw in Poland.
  • Voluntary departure program
    The Labor Law does not prohibit the employer from submitting various offers or proposals to employees, provided that they are not less favorable to them than the provisions of the labor law. It results directly from Art. 18 § 1 of the Labor Code . (Supreme Court judgment of 22 October 2019, I PK 141/18).
  • New standard for the safety of gardening equipment
    PN-EN 13684: 2018-08 Garden equipment. Pedestrian lawn aerators and lawn scarifiers. Safety was published in the Polish language version on July 16, 2021. The standard has 62 pages, introduces EN 13684: 2018, replaces PN-EN 13684 + A3: 2010 (English version).
  • Memoirs of a labor inspector from 1991–2011 (part 5)
    Compliance with the established law must be controlled, otherwise it will not be implemented (this is an elementary statement known since antiquity). Bad working conditions and accidents at work cost the society a lot of money, which, for example, in Poland is estimated at 4–5% of GDP. When there were discussions and considerations about who to submit the labor inspection to, I said that if not the Sejm, then not the labor ministry, but the ministry of finance, because the inspection, striving to reduce the number of accidents and improve working conditions, cares about the budget.
  • Skinning and collecting machines
    In the series "Machinery - Checklist" published so far introductory article "For machines no help" (ATEST 7/2008) and various checklists, which readers will find a list on the website in " Machines - a checklist "(box" Thematic cycles").

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