• Subject of the issue: Note! New draft amendment to the Environmental Protection Law Act
    The Government Legislation Center is analyzing a draft act amending the Environmental Protection Law and certain other acts. The changes contained therein concern zones where air quality is assessed.
  • Can you delegate access to BDO to an external company?
    Access to the entity's account in the Database on products and packaging and waste management may have several users. Each of them will log in using individual data, and the method of logging in depends on the function that the user has assigned. This can be "master user" or "sub user".
  • What are BATs and what installations they refer to
    BAT (Best available technology ) "Best Available Techniques" documents for determining the maximum emissions of pollutants from industrial plants, primarily requiring an integrated permit.
  • Are you a party to the proceedings or an ecological organization?
    Find out what your right is: The Acts of October 3, 2008 on the provision of information about the environment and its protection, public participation in environmental protection and environmental impact assessments are the key sets of regulations that the authority should comply with in the field of informing, providing information and to the public information intended for the public, and thus are of key importance for individuals, organizations or entrepreneurs who want to have access to documents on matters that they are interested in.
  • New product fee - what cost you have to take into account
    From July this year. a product fee is to be added to the consumer for single-use plastic packaging. Some plastic products will no longer be commercially available. These are the assumptions of the amendment to the act on the obligations of entrepreneurs with regard to the management of certain waste and on the product fee. The amendment to the act was created to reduce the amount of waste generated from single-use plastic products.
  • Is it possible to correct KPO in BDO
    Question: I received a car with a registration number different than the one notified in BDO. On the road, the tractor was replaced due to a breakdown. Can I accept the KPO and enter the tractor replacement in the information and provide the correct registration number , or the company has to withdraw the card and issue a new one (even if it was 5 km from the place of business). Please let me know what to do next.
  • MPD issued "for seat" - is it correct
    Question: We wanted to start cooperation with a new company. However, there was a difference as to BDO. We received a scan of this company's decision and wanted to send a car , but when creating a KPO it turned out that MPD (place of business ) is only issued within the premises. However, in the decision of the designation of waste collection is different than headquarters. I insist that in BDO enter this place by a trusted profile, the company that I can enter information about adresie.Czy I right? We held our actions, because I want to make sure of their equity.
  • We provide services at the customer's site - who is responsible for waste
    Question: The company provides a service in the field of installation of pumps in households; what to do with waste such as cardboard, pallet, foil? There is no decision on the storage of waste and therefore cannot take it home. What about pallets that can possibly be resold?
  • How to deal with used batteries and fluorescent lamps
    Question: What should the company do with batteries and fluorescent lamps. I understand that they need to be stored in separate containers marked with a code. But can these batteries be taken to a store, for example, and disposed of in special containers there?

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