Aktualności BHP (OSH News) 2021/I171 (01-02)

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    • Higher penalties for employers for offenses related to the enforcement of maintenance payments (3)
      Since December last year, new regulations have been in force to penalize the violation of the employer's obligations related to the enforcement of maintenance claims. The existing catalog of offenses against employee rights included in the Labor Code has been extended to include new offenses. An employer who prevents or hinders the maintenance enforcement in the manner specified in the Labor Code is subject to a fine of PLN 1,500 to PLN 45,000.
    • From 1 January 2021, the Social Insurance Institution must be informed about the conclusion of a contract for specific work (4)
      The provisions of the anti-crisis shield introduced the obligation to inform the Social Insurance Institution about contracts for specific work concluded from the new year. The Social Insurance Institution must keep records of such contracts. Contracts concluded from 1 January 2021 must be indicated in the new RUD form (Notification of a specific work contract). It must be submitted within 7 days from the conclusion of the contract for specific work.
  • Court case law
    • An accident caused by a forklift truck is an accident resulting from the operation of an undertaking (5)
      An employer who has a production plant or other plant driven by natural forces is responsible for any damage caused by the movement of that undertaking on a strict basis. This also applies to damage caused by the movement of machines, such as forklifts, or constituting part of a certain technological and transport chain belonging to the employer's enterprise.
  • COVID-19 and OHS
    • Change in regulations: SARS-Cov-2 virus in risk group 3 (7)
      Amendments to the regulation on harmful biological agents for health in the work environment and the protection of health of workers exposed to these factors have entered into force. Coronavirus is included in the group of harmful biological agents that can cause serious diseases in humans, are dangerous to workers, and are very likely to spread to the human population. On the other hand, employers are required to update the occupational risk assessment.
  • The subject of the issue
    • Organization of safe work of the welder. Where to start (8)
      Welding plants are a properly adapted room or a separate part of a room where welding stations are located. Welding work is hazardous work and is associated with numerous risks. As it turns out, both welders and the people supervising their work do not always have sufficient knowledge about the risks of harmful chemical and physical factors occurring in welding processes and the necessary measures and methods of protection against such threats. However, it is worth remembering that in order for the welder's work to be safe, it is necessary to ensure not only the knowledge of these risks, but also that the work rooms meet the relevant requirements.
  • Working conditions
    • Safety culture in the company and the implementation of the new ISO 450001 standard in 3M (13)
      3M has already received the certification of compliance with the new ISO 45001 standard. The editors of "BHP News" were curious about the implementation of this standard in 3M structures and how it was possible in a short time time. We also asked about shaping a safety culture, health and safety training and preventing accidents at work. Learn about good health and safety practices at 3M.
  • Accidents at work
    • Accident analysis - a fatal accident when draining manholes (16)
      A collective accident at work is an accident which involved at least two people as a result of the same accident. The article presents an analysis of an accident at work that occurred during the placement of sewage manholes. What were the causes of the accident in the opinion of the labor inspector?
    • Will an accident of an employee on a bicycle be an accident on the way to work? (17)
      In relation to the issue under consideration, an accident where an employee rode a bicycle to work and fell over on a slippery road surface and suffered an injury to his arm, satisfies the conditions of an accident on the way to work .
  • Control of the National Labor Inspectorate
    • Verification of referral for medical examinations (18)
      The basic obligations of the employer include preventive health care for employees. As issues arising from health and safety regulations, they are of interest to the National Labor Inspectorate. Can the labor inspector verify referral for preventive medical examinations during the inspection ? And what if the characteristics of the job position, professional tasks and working environment conditions provided by the employer are incomplete? What reaction should then be expected from the labor inspector?
  • Questions and Answers
    • Who can carry out the inspection of fire alarm systems (20)
      Tests and inspections of appropriate fire protection devices should be performed by competent persons. As of today, there is no obligation to certify services, so having any certificate or certificate issued by CNBPOP-PIB is purely for marketing purposes. The regulations do not regulate how the fire alarm maintenance protocol should look like.
  • Health and safety service - 22 tasks
    • Periodic health and safety analysis as an element of safety monitoring in the workplace (21)
      In order for the employer to fulfill his basic task, which is to provide employees with safe and hygienic working conditions, the widest possible scope of information on technical safety at work is necessary. The information that reaches the employer results, inter alia, from from the inspections of working conditions and the ongoing notification of the employer about identified occupational hazards. But it is the duty of the health and safety service to prepare periodic collective information, i.e. the analysis of the health and safety at work.
  • Health and safety training - Experts respond
    • Is general training for blue-collar workers sufficient or with a division into specific positions (22)
      For workers of a working group, separate detailed programs should be developed, tailored to the specificity of work and the type of threats occurring at particular positions.
  • Health and safety instructions
    • Instructions on occupational health and safety for the storage and storage of materials at the construction site (23)
  • Poster
    • Protect yourself and others - Entry only with a mask (24)

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