Aktualności BHP (OSH News) 2019/137 (03)

  • Topic of the issue: The expert of the Ministry of Digitization explains how to apply the provisions of the RODO in relation to health and safety at work
    Although the provisions of the RODO (Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data) have been in force for a long time, their correct application still raises many doubts. Questions are still raised regarding the fulfillment of the obligation to obtain consent for the processing of personal data of employees in matters related to occupational health and safety. Especially for "Health and Safety News" the answer from the Ministry of Digitization.
  • There are no transitional regulations in the scope of deviations from periodic training
    Some employers who employ administrative and office employees may refrain from providing them with periodic training, assuming that they meet all the conditions on which such a deviation depends. The new regulations of the Labor Code are unfortunately very general and do not contain transitional provisions, which may cause doubts as to the validity of current periodic trainings and the need to carry them out - if the deadline is in the near future or if the employer did not provide them in 2018.
  • Who can appeal against the labor inspector's order
    The written orders of the National Labor Inspectorate may be appealed against, following a labor inspector's inspection. This does not mean, however, that the employer must always appeal independently. This can be done by a plenipotentiary. It may increase the effectiveness of the procedure being initiated and the chances of changing or repealing the labor inspectorate's order. However, you should remember about a few issues.
  • When an accident occurs with the use of a handling device
    The operating technical device is obliged to immediately notify the competent authority of the technical supervision about any dangerous damage to the device or an accident related to its operation. Recently, there is a new definition of an accident related to the operation of handling equipment, which limits the information obligation towards the Office of Technical Inspection to cases in which bodily injury or death occurred.

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